Vehicle Rollovers

Oftentimes, vehicle rollovers can be attributed to the design of an automobile, defective parts, or defects in tires, and can turn mild auto accidents into fatal ones. While considered rare in relation to the high number of accidents that occur, rollovers contribute to thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Rollovers can happen with any vehicle, although SUVs are often perceived as having the most rollover incidents due to their height and stability features.

The victims of rollover accidents are often left with severe physical or health problems and financial damages that can affect their lives forever. Our qualified attorneys at Golightly & Associates can assist accident victims with recovering damages from this kind of occurrence, and deal with the additional burden of confronting insurance providers who often attempt to delay or avoid granting compensation.

It is always important to practice defensive driving and follow safety guidelines to help prevent rollovers and any other type of accident from occurring. Drivers of SUVs and other vehicles with a higher susceptibility to rollovers are encouraged to take extra precautions with turning or driving around curves.

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